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Ascent provides the following services:

  • Video streaming implementation.
  • Static website design.
  • Interactive website design.
  • E-commerce.
  • Shopping cart integration.
  • PHP scripting.
  • Javascript programming.
  • MySql database design.
  • CSS style sheet design.
  • Flash animation.
  • Domain name registration.
  • SSL certification.
  • Search engine optimisation.
  • Graphic design.
  • Consultation.


Please run your mouse over the bullet points for details.

If you‘ve watched a video streamed from the Internet, chances are it was converted to flash (flv) format.

Ascent can embed these videos into your site or even design your solution to automatically convert uploaded media to flash & display them directly from your site.

Ascent can produce simple - non interactive ‘information only‘ sites that can convey your message with panache, with maximum impact & at an affordable price.
Ascent specializes in producing sophisticated - fully interactive bespoke web applications such as
subscription systems, business management systems, forums, content management systems & E-commerce solutions.

Ascent can produce for you solutions that are intuitive, robust, fast, scalable & add tremendous value to your company.

If your business needs to sell its products online, then you should use the best E-commerce solution available.

Ascent E-commerce solutions provide everything you need to sell your products, maintain control of your stock & maximize your profit through excellent design & search engine optimisation.

Ascent E-commerce solutions are feature packed, including:

  • Unlimited product lines or categories.
  • Unlimited product variations.
  • Fully customisable product pricing & sales management schemes.
  • Secure 256bit payment encryption.
  • Fully password protected administration with multi-level administraton management.
  • Easy update of content via an in-built "word processor style" content management system.
  • A Fully featured shopping cart.
  • Full integration with Paypal (including instant payment notification).
  • An easy to use stock / order management system, with sales notification via email or browser.
  • search engine submission & optimisation.

We can customize or add functionality to your solution exactly to your specifications & at a truly competitive rate.

If you own a website, we can seamlessly integrate our in-house shopping cart solution (or a cart of your choice) into it.

Alternatively we can provide a new ‘look‘ for your existing e-commerce solution, using CSS, Javascript & Flash technology.

‘Hypertext pre-processor language‘ (known as PHP) is the most widely used & one of the most powerful server-side scripting languages on the Internet today.

Such scripting languages are essential for integrating databases or user authorisation into your website.

Ascent‘s sophisticated ‘object-orientated‘ design approach ensures your solution is ultra secure, scalable, responsive & robust.
‘Javascript‘ is a language, used for controlling your browser & what it displays.

Running locally through your browser, Javascript is incorporated into virtually every major application on the web.
(Indeed the text you are reading here was generated using Javascript).

Ascent ensures that Javascript is implemented as intelligently & un-obtrusively as possible in order to enhance your visitors experience of your site.
MySql is the natural partner for PHP & represents one of the most powerful & widely adopted database technologies available.
MySQL is so powerful that many search engines use it to power them.

Ascent specialise exclusively on MySOL databases & always utilise stringent design criteria's to ensure they are ultra fast, secure, robust & scalable.
Cascading Style-Sheets (or CSS) are the most modern & effective method for controlling the look of your website.

All Ascent websites conform to W3C design standards &
are thoroughly tested to ensure they work consistently on all modern browsers.

As a service, we can also provide custom CSS files to integrate into your existing site to your specification.
Flash animation technology can produce sophisticated visual enhancements to your website, including animated navigation buttons, logos & streamed video.

Ascent always uses flash appropriately in order to ensure such features do not distract from your message nor compromise your sites performance.
Ascent can register your domain name (web address) with an Internet Service Provider
find the most appropriate host for your site.
SSL certificates ensure every transaction from your site is secure through 256 bit encryption -
essential for safe credit card transactions & secure password transmission.

Ascent can handle the purchasing & installation of these certificates for your site.

Ascent can produce a wide variety of graphic designs for you such as, your company logo
navigation buttons, banners or custom clip-art.
Ascent can provide advice & consultation based upon our extensive wealth of experience & expertise in web design & Internet marketing.